Taking a Cowboy For A Walk

dad and dave walkYesterday we went on a walk with Dave’s Dad. I went up to his room to get a cap and a sweater for him and all I could find was this Stetson like hat. It was a beautiful sunny day. When Dad noticed I was taking photos he gave a little wave for the camera.dad and tante gatte and daveDad’s sister, Aggie was watering the flower pots outside her nearby apartment and so we stopped for a chat. aunt aggie

At 91 Aunt Aggie still has her own apartment, swims, bakes all kinds of delicious things for other people, drives her own car, and leads devotions four times a week at the nursing home. She told us the Scripture passage for her devotions that morning had been Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not. For I am with you.”henry epp and dadNext we ran into Dad’s friend Henry Epp who kidded him about his hat. “You look like a cowboy Cornie,” he said. dad tante margaretDad chatted with another woman and his sister Margaret. Tante Margaret was on her way over to the nursing home from her apartment. She goes to the nursing home everyday at noon with her walker to help feed the residents there who have trouble eating on their own. chortiza oakWe walked through the garden of the nursing home and stopped to look at an oak tree planted with acorns brought from a tree near the Mennonite villages in Ukraine where Dad was born. dad and dave courtyardWe sat for a time enjoying the sun in the courtyard.me and dadI showed Dad some photos my brother-in-law John had found chronicling the time Dad spent in a conscientious objectors camp during World War II. Dad recognized himself in a few of the photos.dad and dave walkThen we headed back to the nursing home.dave and dad computerI had brought my lap top along and Dave showed Dad a bunch of photos of our sons, their wives and our grandson and told him about their lives and what they were doing. 

dad and dave walkI chatted with one of the nursing home workers who had helped us get Dad into the wheelchair for his walk. “Your father-in-law has been a real inspiration to me,” she said. ” I admire the way his faith allows him to accept things with such peace and a positive attitude,” she told me. 

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