Pumpkins For Sale

kids selling pumpkinsBlue sky, cornfields and these two young entrepreneurs with their big wooden box full of pumpkins caught our eye on the drive from the airport in Windsor Ontario to the home of Dave’s brother John and his wife Linda in Cottam where we are staying for the coming week. little boy selling pumpkinsMy sister-in-law Linda pulled the truck over to check out the merchandise and the kids were delighted to have a customer.pumpkins piled in a boy's armsLinda looked over the pumpkins and asked about prices. The girl did the negotiating while the little guy started piling up potential purchases in his arms. kids selling pumpkins southern ontario

Dave got out of the truck to chat with the kids.  “Pumpkins are 50 cents for small ones and a dollar for big ones,” the sister and brother told him. pumpkins in the truckThe kids helped Linda load the pumpkins into the back of the truck amongst our luggage and Dave’s golf clubs. kids at pumpkin standThen it was time to use their fingers to count up how many pumpkins Linda had bought and figure out the total price. kids selling pumpkinsProfits were kept in an old Players tobacco can. how much money is in the canAfter adding Linda’s contribution the little guy checked to see just how much money they had accumulated so far. kids selling pumpkinsThere were still a few pumpkins left for future customers.kids selling pumpkinsWe drove off and waved good-bye. pumpkin toiletriesWhen we had settled in at John and Linda’s I noticed my sister-in-law had arranged a lovely dish of pumpkins products- soap, candles, lotions and shower gel for us to use during our visit. little girl selling pumpkinsIt’s definitely pumpkin time in southern Ontario. 

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