Using the Other Side of My Brain

Talk about stretching my comfort zone! Yes, I’ve signed up for a drawing class. Can’t draw. Never believed I could! But it’s been on my bucket list to try to learn and thanks to my friend Esther I’m going to.

Esther who has taken numerous art courses in the past has agreed to be my mentor and companion and has also signed up for the course offered by Winnipeg School Division’s Life Long Learning. To get me revved up for our first class Esther took me to the Qualico Center at Assiniboine Park this week to try a little preliminary sketching. My first task? To copy this Picasso drawing of composer Igor Stravinsky.  AND………. I had to do it with the picture turned UPSIDE DOWN. It was HARD. I never would have finished it without Esther’s continual affirmation and encouragement. But here it is! Esther told me that to complete the assignment I’d had to use the right side of my brain, not the left where language resides and where I’m most comfortable. We spent a couple of hours sketching.  I hope my art teacher doesn’t see this or he may ask me to give someone else my spot in the class. It’s full! Esther bless her heart had bought me art pencils of all kinds, erasers, shading tools, pencil sharpeners, a sketchbook and an instructional guide on drawing body parts to get me started.  There’s no turning back now. I’ll keep you posted.


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2 responses to “Using the Other Side of My Brain

  1. Way to go MaryLou!!! I think your starters are fantastic 🙂


  2. I think you did a great job!


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