Discovering Dali- I’m Scared

Salvador Dali is coming to the Winnipeg Art Gallery! September 27 marks the debut of two exhibits that will feature some of his major works.  I think the famous Spanish artist will hold unique appeal for the children I take on tours of the gallery.

Dali was very open about including the things that scared him in his work. Children will identify with that.  Dali was petrified of ants. As a small child he had a pet bat and one day he discovered its dead body covered in ants. He also saw a number of dead birds and a dead lizard being eaten by ants. He never forgot those experiences. One way he confronted his fear of ants was to include them in his paintings.  Dali’s Ace of Diamonds will be in the upcoming exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  In Dali’s surreal rendition of the playing card there is an ant crawling across the face of the clock between the numbers eleven and twelve.

Another way Dali dealt with his fear of ants was to have an anteater as a pet.  TV host Dick Cavett recalls  the time Dali brought his pet anteater onto his talk show in this interview. 

scared of the bear

Children all have fears. I was scared of dogs as a child. My son was petrified of spiders. I have a friend who found clowns at a circus terrifying and most children have nightmares that frighten them. I think children will appreciate being introduced to an artist who had fears just like them and admitted them via his artwork. After we look at some of Dali’s fears on canvas and I ask children who come to the gallery, “What are you scared of?”  I may not have enough time to hear all their answers. 

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