I Wish I Hadn’t Answered The Question

I agreed to take part in a phone survey on the weekend that was about the upcoming civic election. I was asked which candidate for mayor I’d vote for if the election was held today. I also had to answer a variety of other questions about city infrastructure and issues.  One question upset me. 

What is the main problem with Winnipeg schools?

marion school winnipegFirst of all I wondered why a poll concerned with the civic election would ask that question since Winnipeg schools are under provincial and not city jurisdiction.  But I was given four options to choose from. 

The main problem with Winnipeg schools is…..

1) bullying

2) problem students that monopolize the teacher leaving little time for other students

3) not enough emphasis on teaching the basics

4) passing children to the next grade when they really haven’t mastered the skills in their current grade

I told the interviewer that none of those things were the main problem with Winnipeg schools. In my opinion it was poverty and lack of support for families. The problem was children who came to school unprepared to learn because of poor nutrition, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor housing and living conditions, family trauma and problems, spending too much time on technology and not receiving caring and responsible parenting. 

“That’s not one of the answers,” said the interviewer and so I reluctantly picked a choice from the list provided, even though I didn’t really see it as the key problem.

Participating in this survey has made me leery about agreeing to answer survey questions again in the future. This survey, like many, obviously had a certain agenda and now I’m sorry I advanced that agenda by participating. 

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