The Sign of A Bear?

moose lake cottageWhen we arrived at my brother’s cottage last week for an overnight stay all the chairs had been pushed off the deck and were lying on the yard, a flower-pot on the deck was knocked over and several of the solar lights on the deck were broken.  What could have happened? A phone conversation with my brother who had checked with another lake property owner, confirmed there had been no bad weather in the area or high winds that could have done the damage. Nothing in the cottage was disturbed, the locks were secure. Vandalism could not have been the motive. bear paw printsThen we spotted these prints on the front door.  Could a bear have been on the deck and done the damage?

Who knows? We made sure the door was locked for the night and as we sat around the table playing cards after dark I have to admit we jumped a little whenever we heard a suspicious noise outside. It’s all part of spending time in the Manitoba wilderness. 

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