White Tailed Deer Keep Delicate Their Counsels Wild

white tailed deer lake of the sand hillsWe saw so many deer! On our recent golfing holiday at Lake of the Sandhills at Buffalo Point we saw an abundance of  white-tailed deer on the course.white tailed deerI suspect at times my golfing companions thought it was time for me to put down my camera and concentrate on my golf game. But the deer were so fascinating and beautiful . white tailed deerI was surprised we saw so many deer since I had read that our bitterly cold winter in Manitoba had been tough on the deer killing 30%-40% more of the population than during a normal winter. 

white tailed deerAdult white tails have reddish coats in summer. 

white tailed deer eatingWhite tailed deer are herbivores eating leaves, twigs, fruits, nuts, grass and even lichen and other fungi. white tailed deer We were lucky to see so many deer since apparently they are primarily nocturnal. They graze at dawn or dusk and only occasionally venture out in daylight hours. deer white tailed lake of the sand hills

Deer  by John Drinkwater

The fallow deer keep
Delicate and far their counsels wild,
Never to be folded reconciled
To the spoiling hand as the poor flocks are;
Lightfoot, and swift, and unfamiliar,
These you may not hinder, unconfined
Beautiful flocks of the mind.

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