Golfing at an Old Hudson’s Bay Outpost

golfing sand hillWe’ve been golfing the last two days at Lake of the Sand Hills Golf Course at Buffalo Point on Lake of the Woods with our friends Rudy and Sue. lake of the sand hills golf courseThe scenery on many of holes is spectacular.lake of the sand hills golf courseI was interested to learn that the golf course is located on the site of an old Hudson’s Bay trading outpostsand hill golf course where the local Ojibwa traded their furs for guns, traps, cloth and beads. david thompson map buffalo point

David Thompson the famous Canadian explorer and mapmaker charted the area on a map in 1825. Par-pe-qua-wungar-Sakahagan, the Ojibwa name for the south basin of the present Lake of the Woods is clearly marked on the map. The translation of the Ojibwa designation is Lake of the Sand Hills explaining why the golf course bears that name.  The name comes from the fact that there were extensive deposits of sand around the lake.lake of the sand hills golf courseInside the Lake of the Sand Hills club house where we had a nice lunch ojibway people

the history of the First Nations people who lived in the area is catalogued in series of photostiles lake of sand hills clubhouseand even the tiles on the walls tell the natural history of the area. lake of the sand hills golf course

Lake of the Woods and the birch and pine forest provide a stunning backdrop for the course.

moose lake cabinWe golfed on Thursday and spent the night at my brother and sister-in-law’s cottage at nearby Moose Lake where we had a steak barbecue and taught our friends how to play the card game euchre. lake of the sand hills golf courseOur Friday round of golf was near perfect.  No wind, no mosquitoes, no rain,  temperature not too cold and not too hot, and we had the course to ourselves. We did not encounter any other golfers our whole round. lake of the sand hillGolfing at the site of a former Hudsons Bay trading outpost was a great experience. I look forward to golfing there again. lake of the sand hills golf course

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  1. cool post…our family has a cottage at Buffalo Point..


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