Calculator Conversation

Dave carries on a calculator conversation with two lovely entrepreneurs in a market in Saigon

Dave having a calculator conversation with eager entrepreneurs in a Saigon market 

We’ve done lots of traveling in non-English speaking countries and have learned the value of non-verbal communication. Bargaining for goods and services is one area where communication is vital despite language barriers. The common way to do this is with the calculator. Whether in Thailand, Mexico, Cambodia, Vietnam, China or Taiwan all you need to do is look a little interested in the product someone is selling and they will whip out their calculator to give you a suggested price. They punch in a number. You enter numbers reflecting a lower offer and the bargaining has begun. I am notoriously bad at this type of non verbal negotiating. My husband Dave is very good. He can make people laugh just by the way he smiles, gestures and punches in those numbers on the calculator. This softens up the seller and often earns him a good deal. I wish I had his calculator conversation savvy!!

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