What Are People Saying?

chillin out on the prow“You look like Jackie Kennedy with a secret service escort,”  said my friend Bill after reading my blog post about our ocean sail in the Florida Keys.  It prompted my friend Heather to invite us out to Puget Sound for a sail on her Dad’s wooden tugboat someday.

I can’t believe it but it has been almost a year since I wrote a blog post cataloguing some of the comments and responses I’ve received on my blog, so its high time I did that. 

texas tattoo“You’re awesome rock and roll parents,” said my cousin Tim when he read about our trip to Austin to watch our son’s band Royal Canoe perform.

women working at the thrift storeDave’s Aunt Marion who is also a Thrift Shop volunteer, wrote and told me the reasons why she enjoys working in the Thrift Shop in Leamington after reading my post about working at the Thrift Shop in Winnipeg. T-4's at chocolate eventWhen I wrote about the chocolate course I took with friends, our instructor commented on how much she had enjoyed having me and my enthusiastic ‘gal pals’ in her class.quiz night hong kongI recently discovered this wonderful photo of me with my friends Keiko, Darren and Rebekah in Hong Kong.  When I did a review of the movie Noah, Darren wrote to let me know he had really enjoyed reading my reflective piece. ms walk team 2014My cousin Lynne wrote to say what a great day she’d had with family and friends at the annual MS Walk after I wrote a blog post about the event. 

school class 1974-75After reading my blog post called How Times Have Changed my friend Bonny wrote that when she got her first job at a bank in 1971 she was not allowed to be part of the retirement plan because she was a woman.

mom holding newborn 1953When I wrote about the anniversary of my mother’s death two of her friends Evelyn and Lorraine commented on how much they missed her too. 

Hong Kong friends at Rebekah and Daniel's wedding in Minneapolis

Hong Kong friends at Rebekah and Daniel’s wedding in Minneapolis

Some of my most popular posts in the past year were the four I did about our friends’ Rebekah and Daniel’s wedding in Minneapolis. Nearly a thousand former students and fellow teachers from our international school in Hong Kong checked out what I’d written.  Our Hong Kong pastor John and his wife Barb thanked me for taking the time to write about the special day as did Rebekah the bride. 

dave and dannyMy friend Kathie says she’s amazed how many of our former colleagues from Hong Kong Dave and I manage to see in a year. She’d just read my blog post about our visit with the Hein family. 

HemingwayhouseJoanne Ewert reading about my visit to Ernest Hemingway’s house in Florida wrote to tell me about her own Hemingway moment in Cuba. 

Plesiosaur Sculpture at Ancient Echoes

Plesiosaur Sculpture at Ancient Echoes

Candia Militer wrote to tell me she had been one of the artists who worked on a steel sculpture of a dinosaur I featured in a blog post about my visit to Ancient Echoes in Herschel, Saskatchewan. 

at the folk festivalA Mr. Gordon who works as a campground host at the Winnipeg Folk Festival said I was mistaken in saying that dragonflies are released at the site to deal with mosquitoes. He took the time in his comment to explain the real reason there are lots of dragonflies at Folk Fest. You can read his story at the end of my blog post Why Did the Creator Make Mosquitoes?

When I wrote a blog post about meeting some young people who had never even heard of Woodstock, my friend Helen wrote that she and her husband Ric got married on the Woodstock weekend.

I could write lots more  but I’ll end here and just say that I appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read my blog.  

Most read posts in the last year in order of number of views……

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