Baseball Singalong

Surprisingly we didn’t sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game or any other baseball related tunes but we did have a fun campfire singspiration with the members of my husband’s slow pitch ball team and their partners. 

We were in Bemidji for a ball tournament last weekend and some team members were camping nearby . They invited us to their scenic campsite for a delicious meal on Saturday night.

As dusk fell a fire was lit and team member Andy led us in old-time numbers. We started off with This Land is Your Land and for some reason Andy plunked himself down on Dave’s lap. 

Dave drums in accompainment on Andy’s back

Andy who is a popular entertainer in senior’s homes in Winnipeg had a large repertoire and serenaded us for well over an hour.

Andy even sang a special love song to Erwin and Esther who were celebrating their wedding anniversary. 

I admit I wasn’t singing along all the time, since the baseball tournament was a time for me to catch up on visiting with other baseball wives who also happen to be my friends  I don’t get to see Sylvia, Marlene and Merle often enough. 

I wasn’t the only one who was diverted from the singing at times. Here our friends Fran and Marge who are avid bird watchers, check out a big flock of turkey buzzards circling above our heads. 

Visiting with my good friend Marge who I hadn’t seen in a long time was another highlight of the baseball weekend for me. 

Andy our entertainer took a well deserved break from singing to try some dessert. Our hostess Joyce had made delicious homemade butter tarts. She and husband Eric served them up with four different flavors of Schwann’s ice cream. 

At one point Andy even got up on the picnic table to lead us in singing. I have to admit that lots of the ball players had pretty good voices.  They are all in their sixties and seventies so maybe when they finally think their bodies are too old for ball they can start a choir. 

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