Flooding At Birch Point

dad and mark birch pointMany campgrounds in Manitoba have been impacted by flooding this year.  I saw evidence of that first hand last weekend when we drove out to Birch Point.  It is only a few miles from our family cottage at Moose Lake. A trip out to Birch Point to walk along the shore and collect driftwood is often a part of the vacation ritual. There was no shore to walk along this year. birch point manitoba july 14I went to Birch Point with my Dad, my brother Mark and my sister-in-law Kathy.muddy road birch pointMy nephew who has a summer job with the conservation authority in the area says that at times this summer the water from the lake has washed right up over this road. 

birch point flooded camp sitesThe campground is closed since many of the campsites are under water.boat docking areaYou can’t use the boat docking area. They haven’t even put in the dock. looking out a lake of the woodsMark and Kathy were able to walk all the way out to that rock in the lake last summer. What a difference!

mark and driftwoodMark found one piece of wet driftwood along a shore that is usually littered with thousands of dried pieces of driftwood.bird roosting out on the lakeIt’s hard to find a place to roost mid-flight when the lake has expanded so much.birds on lake of the woodsSummer is more than half over and there are still some twenty Manitoba campgrounds closed or partially closed due to flooding. Travel Manitoba authorities say if you plan on camping this summer  you’d better check to see if your campsite is open before heading out. 

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