A Small Affair is a Big Success

a small affair ticketI loved my second Fringe play of the season A Small Affair. It was funny and fast paced. The story takes place in a rehearsal space where actors in a new television drama are preparing for the filming of their show. 

We meet the stressed out television director, the self-centered female star, and the laconic maintenance man who wanders in and out of the rehearsal space to make comments while fixing an electrical problem in the bathroom.

Two of my colleagues at the Winnipeg Art Gallery were in the play. Tiffany played a confused newspaper reporter and Rhonda was a feisty and outspoken cleaning lady. They both put on great performances and gave their characters such distinctive personality. I heard someone behind me say as they exited the theatre, “the cleaning lady was the best!”

These three white-haired women stumble into the rehearsal space by mistake and capture the audience’s hearts with their humour. They are potential contestants on another television show called Make A Fool of Yourself. There are plenty of other off-beat characters who entertain the audience with their antics – an aging actor struggling with alcohol problems, a no-nonsense stage manager, a jealous co-star and an emotional actress with a difficult husband.

This was a good performance of a well written play. I laughed out loud several times as did many audience members. A good drama needs quirky, interesting characters who change. Plenty of conflict is required and of course humour always helps! This play had all three ingredients in my opinion.

A Small Affair is a big success!

The photos in this post are courtesy of the Shoestring Players Facebook page

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3 responses to “A Small Affair is a Big Success

  1. Blessed Kids

    My girl who wishes to be a writer and artist has written a story. I’d like to share with you and hope to get some valuable comments from you. May I know how I can send it to you? Thanks


  2. Katherine McLennan

    What a lovely review of our play! We have grown to love our characters, and I am very happy to know they connected with you.


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