Minneapolis-ICS Hong Kong Wedding- Part 3

valley groveSaturday was the wedding of our friends Daniel and Rebekah. It was pouring rain as we made the one hour drive from Minneapolis to the Valley Grove Church  for the wedding, valley grove churchbut just as we arrived at the church  the sun broke through the clouds and it was a perfect afternoon and evening for the ceremony and reception. valley grove churchThe Valley Grove Church where the wedding took place is a registered historical site. The two buildings on the grounds were constructed in 1862 and 1894.  dave me treeThe church however is of significance to Rebekah and Daniel because they got engaged by the tree on the  grounds that you can see right behind Dave and me. wedding quartetWe arrived at the church early to rehearse with our friends Tad and Michelle and Cath. We made up a singing group Rebekah and Daniel called Hong Kong Friends on their wedding program and we sang the hymn  Speak O Lord during the service. wedding quartetAfter the service people were asking if we’d ever sung together before but I said only at karaoke places in Hong Kong. wedding programThe service included scripture reading by one of Rebekah’s friends, a homily by a friend of Daniel’s from California, singing of the hymn For the Beauty of the Earth, prayers by Daniel and Rebekah’s parents, our Hong Kong Friends song and a blessing and closing prayer by Rebekah’s brother-in-law who is a Minneapolis pastor. bride and groomThe homily told the story of Rebekah and Daniel’s romance and also included a description of all the things Rebekah loves and appreciates about Daniel and a list of all the things Daniel loves and appreciates about Rebekah. 

wild flowersThe church was beautifully decorated with arrangements of wildflowers. Many came from a special garden Rebekah’s Dad had seeded this year so there would be plenty of flowers for his daughter’s wedding. 

waiting for the brideDaniel and his groomsmen wait for the arrival of the bride on her father’s arm.saying I doDaniel and Rebekah say their vows to one another.exchanging the ringsThe rings are exchanged while Rebekah’s friend Brooke who was one of her bridesmaids looks on. bride is happyI’ve never seen a bride as happy as Rebekah. She actually laughed out loud with joy during the service. Daniel looks pretty happy too.watermelon and lemonadeAfter the ceremony we were served watermelon and lemonade outside. greeting guestsWhile Daniel and Rebekah greeted their guests at the front door.dave writes messageAll the friends and relatives in attendance were photographed in families. We each had to write a special message to Daniel and Rebekah on a chalkboard before having our photo taken for a pictorial guest book. wedding messageDave wrote GO WINNIPEG JETS on our chalkboard

wedding chalkboardand invited Daniel and Rebekah to come and visit us in Winnipeg. 

Dave with the pastor and two groomsmen.

Dave with the pastor and two groomsmen.

There was time for lots of visiting before

food tent we all moved over to a tent that had been set up on the groundswedding banquetand after Rebekah’s father had said gracelook at my great mealwe dug into a great meal of pulled pork, spare ribs, broccoli salad, corn bread, cheese rounds with a spicy topping, cucumber salad and all kinds of tangy pickles.the bridal coupleThe bridal couple was certainly very happy. dave emily tad michelleAfter the meal there was more time for visiting before we moved into thechurch at valley grove older church building for rhubarb, apple or berry pie with homemade ice-cream toast to the brideand Rebekah’s sister and bridesmaid Molly, and Daniel’s groomsman and friend Mike gave toasts to the couple.bridal coupleDaniel and Rebekah thanked us all for comingberries

and invited each family to take home a basket of fresh berries they had picked just for us. kissing outside the churchThen the couple changed their clothes and walked down a path to their car while the guests threw rose petals and paper hearts on them.just marriedThe newlyweds got into their  car and we all waved good-bye to Rebekah and Daniel as they started down the road of their married life together. 

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