Minneapolis-ICS Hong Kong Wedding- Part 2

minneapolis art instituteDave and I are in Minneapolis to attend the wedding of our friends Rebekah and Daniel. We started our second day in the city with a visit to the Art Institute. Dave and our friend Jon had booked an early morning round at the golf course but unfortunately it was pouring rain when their tee off time arrived so they couldn’t go. The art gallery was my Plan B suggestion for the morning.  By 11 o’clock when we pulled into our parking spot at the Minneapolis Art Institute the sun had come out and it was a beautiful day. sign outside minneapolis art instituteDave and I are always surprised to see signs like this on public buildings in the United States. You don’t see them in Canada because so few people carry or own guns. We spent a couple of hours in the art gallery which is amazing and FREE. We will definitely need to make a return visit when we have more time.hazelsAfter our gallery tour we went back to the house to pick up our friend Jon and head out for lunch at a nearby eatery called Hazel’s. jon marylouIt was great to catch up with Jon who we hadn’t seen since we attended his wedding reception last year in Colorado. vililage grove churchThen we headed out to the Valley Grove Church about an hour from Minneapolis where the wedding rehearsal was taking place.dave cathDave and I are singing at the wedding along with our friends Tad and Michelle so we had arrived early to rehearse. Here Dave chats with Cath who is serving as the accompanist for our quartet.beautiful flowersCath had spent the afternoon at the church helping Rebekah the bride and her attendants make the many beautiful flower arrangements that decorated the church.wedding rehearsalWe gathered on the front porch of the church where Daniel the groom filled us in on how the rehearsal would go and the order of the ceremony. The rehearsal was lots of fun.wedding rehearsal

wedding rehearsal

wedding rehearsal


After the rehearsal was over we headed back into Minneapolis for the wedding rehearsal dinner hosted by the groom’s parents Marilyn and Jerry at the Wilde Roast Cafe.dave and jonIt was in a beautiful location right on the Mississippi River.

coupleWe had a great meal and the bridal couple as well as all the rest of the guests were visibly touched and entertained during the speeches by both Daniel and Rebekah’s fathers, by Tad who is Daniel’s groomsman, and by Brooke who is Rebekah’s bridesmaid. Honestly they were two of the best toasts to a bride and groom I’ve ever heard. coupleAt the end of the evening all the guys headed off to another establishment for a men’s only party in Daniel’s honor. Cath and I drove back to the house together. Between her phone and my GPS we did a pretty good job of navigating the streets of Minneapolis in the dark.  

We were off to bed since tomorrow was the big wedding day. I fell asleep right away and didn’t even hear Dave when he came home.

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