I Almost Saw Maya Angelou in Person

President Barak Obama presents poet Maya Angelou with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011

I almost saw Maya Angelou in person. She was coming to Winnipeg in 1997. My sister and I had tickets to listen to her speak. I had re-read several of her books to prepare for the evening. We only found out at the last-minute she wouldn’t be coming. Betty Shabazz, the widow of civil rights leader Malcom X had been severely burned in a fire. Maya, her good friend, needed to remain at her side so she canceled her Winnipeg appearance.  Shortly after Betty died. 

 Maya had many memorable and inspiring things to say in her life but one quote of hers I have often used concerns spirituality. She wrote…..

“I’m always amazed when people walk up and say, “I’m a Christian.” I always think, “Already? ….. Goodness gracious. Lucky you.” Well, I’m trying to be a Christian. Working at it and trying to be a Christian is like trying to be a Jew, or trying to be a Buddhist…….. It’s a path; it’s a journey.”  

I once used that Maya Angelou quote in an article I wrote for the Winnipeg Free Press called How Do You Spot A Real Christian? Are You Sure?   

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