A Blast From the Past

Destination Winnipeg

juke boxes windmill restaurantIt might be the juke boxes, the formica tables or the red vinyl leather booth seats …windmill restaurantIt might be the bar stools or old fashioned milk shake machine…

windmilll restaurantBut step into the friendly atmosphere at the Windmill Restaurant at 518 Selkirk Avenue and you’ll think you’re back in the 1950’s. windmill menuThe menu is basic and economical. I’ve heard the perogies are to die for but I opted for food windmill restaurant selkirk a hearty homemade soup and toasted tomato sandwich. mexican hatThe decor is kitschy- a display of Mexican somberoes

windmill restaurantA hand carved welcome plaquedecor windmil restaurant

and this fellow guarding the salad menu.selkirk long agoA mural painted on the side of the restaurant gives us a glimpse of a street car and Selkirk Avenue’s glory days in the 1930s -1950sred river wagon mural selkirk avenueand another mural takes us back even further to the late 1800s and ox cart days. 

windmill restaurantScenes from the movies Capote and Shall We Dance were…

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