Weed Sorting

Last Sunday I heard a sermon about sorting weeds. It was based on a  parable Jesus told in Matthew 13 . It goes something like this.

There was a field of planted wheat and at night someone came and sowed weeds among the wheat so the two plants grew together. The servants of the man who owned the field wanted to go and dig up the weeds but he said “No let’s just wait till it’s time to harvest the wheat and I’ll sort the weeds and wheat out then.” 

Jesus explained that the field was the world and the weeds and wheat represented evil and good people.  And when the time was right God would sort them out. 

The pastor I heard reflect on this parable said it teaches us three things. 

1)  Judging people isn’t up to us but up to God. Usually when the church has tried to do the judging they have messed up big time. 

2) We often judge people too quickly. Patience is required.  The servants wanted to sort out the weeds and wheat right away but the master said wait, give them a chance to grow first.

3) God’s judgements may surprise us because God judges differently than people do. We tend to think judgement is a way for people to get what they deserve. God says all people deserve grace and love. 

This is what I took away.

Accept people.  Remember people can change.  Sometimes we judge people because we are unaware of their whole story. We will be happier if we aren’t judgemental of others. We’re all a mixture of good and bad. There aren’t easy categories for sorting people. 

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