Embrace the Movement

They came from all over Canada. A couple of weeks ago when I volunteered at the Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Shop on Selkirk Avenue we were inundated with two bus loads of visitors. selkirk thrift shop visitors

These were Thrift Shop administrators, volunteers, board members and executive members from other cities. They had come to Winnipeg for a conference called Embrace the Movement where they could share ideas about how to run thrift stores more effectively and efficiently and to receive information and inspiration from guest speakers. visitors to thrift shopI talked with people from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario and other places in Manitoba. They were touring Manitoba Thrift Stores after spending a number of days attending workshops that addressed such things as recruiting volunteers, creating safe shopping and working environments, dealing peacefully and in restorative ways with shop lifters, quick merchandise turn around and handling conflict. visitors to thrift store

The people who came to tour were different ages, had many different professions and helped operate very different kinds of stores in places all over Canada. While visiting Manitoba thrift shops they were getting ideas for ways they might improve their own stores. Thrift shops accept donations of things people no longer want or need. They fix the items, clean them, price them and resell them. founding of mcc thrift stores

Our visitors were very interested in the new signboard at the front of our store which tells the story of the four women from Altona, Manitoba who started the first Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Shop. mennonite thrift shop visionThere are now over a hundred stores in North America run primarily by volunteers. These stores have raised more than $167 million dollars to provide food, clothing, education, shelter, medical care and other services to needy people around the world.

thrift shop logoAt the Thrift Shop every donation and purchase is a gift to the world in two ways. It saves the world’s natural environment by reusing and recycling things and it saves people in the world who need help in difficult circumstances. It’s a  movement that is certainly worth embracing. 

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5 responses to “Embrace the Movement

  1. Marion Driedger

    Find your articles very interesting. Very interested in what is happening In other thrift shops in the world. Your relative, Aunt Marion.


    • Dear Aunt Marion,
      Do you work in the Thrift Store in Leamington? I need to visit the next time I am there. I know Dave’ Mom volunteered for many years and so did my Mom so I sort of feel I’m carrying on a family tradition by volunteering too. It was so nice to see all of our aunts and uncles at Christmas. Thanks for the affirmation.


  2. Marion Driedger

    Yes I volunteer at the Leamington Thrift store and therefore I am interested in what is happening at other Thrift stores. I help with the pricing once a week and always look forward to this. We work with many wonderful people and it’ s a pleasure knowing we are doing some good in helping to alleviate some of the Worlds problems. Make sure you visit us next time you are in Leamington. Love to you and Dave. Aunt Marion.


  3. Helen Koop

    I was at this conference in Wpg and our bus went to Steinbach,Grunthal & Niverville. Excellent shops. I saw your shop last fall,Gerry Loewen gave me a tour. Missed her at the conference. Thanks for the article MaryLou. I work in the St Catharines store.
    Helen Koop


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