A Life That Adds Up To Something

I noticed a numbered square high up and just to the left of the entrance door to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona when I visited the great cathedral.  The façade on one side of the church designed by the Spanish architect Gaudi tells the story of the passion and resurrection of Jesus in a series of life-size sculptures.

Judas kissing Jesus- Sagrada Familia

Right beside a statue of Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss is a huge square with four rows of numbers. If you add the numbers up horizontally, vertically and diagonally they will equal 33, the number of years Jesus lived on earth.

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral – Barcelona

Jesus spent his short life healing people emotionally and physically. He told inspiring and engaging stories about the value of caring for others, sharing personal wealth and using our talents wisely. He gathered around him a close circle of friends. He sought out those who were struggling to find a purpose in life and gave them a sense of direction and hope. He went out of his way to spend time with people who had been rejected by society and made them feel like they had worth and value.

Jesus on the Cross- Sagrada Familia

He encouraged people to save themselves from a meaningless earthly existence by dedicating themselves to the building of a better world. He loved everyone, even his enemies.

Anyway you add up Jesus’ life it was one worthy of  emulation. Most of us are given much more than 33 years on this earth. Jesus’ example challenges us to make the building blocks of our lives add up to something worthwhile.

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