What Would You Do?

I’m in a convenience store. A fifteen year old is buying cigarettes at the counter. I don’t know him really well, but I recognize him and I’m acquainted with his parents. Should I walk over and tell the clerk it’s illegal to sell the young man tobacco? Should I go up to the teenager and ask him to return the package to the cashier? Should I phone the boy’s parents? What would you do?

I’m in a Winnipeg grocery store around 9:30 one night. I’m standing in line to pay for my stuff. My husband is in the car outside. We’re already late for a concert. The place is busy and I end up waiting about 10 minutes. At one point I look down and see a five dollar bill on the floor. I tap the shoulder of the fellow ahead of me, point to the money and ask if it’s his. He thanks me and picks up the cash. A few minutes later a disheveled old man wearing ripped sweat pants, a stained T-shirt and runners with holes in them, comes walking by muttering to himself. “Where is it?” He’s got his eyes on the ground and he’s anxiously counting the bills in his money clip. It’s pretty clear he has lost the five dollars. I know the guy ahead of me sees him too, because he looks at the old fellow, then down at the five dollar bill he’s still holding in his hand, and grins at the girl standing with him.

Should I ask the man ahead of me if the money is really his? Should I point out that the right thing to do would be to ask the old gentleman if he’s lost five dollars? But maybe the guy ahead of me will get mad because I’m accusing him of dishonesty. Should I leave my place in the long line and go up to the old man and give him five dollars from my wallet ? What would you do?

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