First and Last Winnipeg Jets Game of the Season For Me

mts centre

Walking to the MTS Centre for the game

Dave said he had a surprise for me when I got home from a meeting at the art gallery yesterday. “We’re going to the Jets game.”  Since the Jets are out of playoff contention it was a little easier than it usually is, to access a pair of tickets and so he’d gone online and bought some in the very back row in section 315.

mts centre

Looking up a the team banners as we head up the escalator

This was my first game of the season and since there is just one more, it will also be my last.  

minnesota wild and jetsI have to say the game against the Minnesota Wild wasn’t that exciting. A Facebook friend actually called it ‘dull.’ The Jets lost. Only one goal was scored and the most exciting thing for the fans  in our section seemed to be the gentleman who’d had way too much to drink and was screaming rather crude descriptions of the refs’ and goalies’ actions. But attending a Jets game is always an experience that includes…….


Buying our 50/50 ticket. Will we win the jackpot?


Listening to Stacey Nattress singing the anthems

jets program

Reading the game program this one featuring team mates who share houses

mts centre

Looking around for folks we know. We spot our friends Bonny and Jim enjoying the game just a couple sections down from us

jets store

Shopping at the Jets Store

jets hat

Dave’s new hat fits.

50/50 Mts centre

Discovering we didn’t win the 50/50.

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