Two people are better off than one for they can help each other succeed.

Ecclesiastes 4:9

kayaking in Halong Bay VietnamOn a kayaking trip in Vietnam’s Halong Bay I learned how valuable it can be for two people to work together. We put out to sea in a large boat. Every evening we returned to the boat after a day of kayaking. A great team of two people prepared and served our meals. One woman was our chef. She took live chickens out of crates in the hold, plucked their feathers and prepared them for our dinner. She grabbed swimming fish from the tanks on board, filleted them and grilled them to perfection. She cooked spicy rice and fresh vegetables for every meal. She arranged exotic fruits for our dessert. dinner on board boat in Halong BayA waiter set the table with lovely china and cleverly folded napkins. He served each course with flair and courtesy. He prepared whatever drinks we requested. Later he helped the chef with dishwashing. The two of them were a great food services team.

fruit sellers in Halong Bay VietnamEarly one morning on Halong Bay I witnessed another example of “two people are better off than one”. A mother and her daughter paddled up to the side of our junk in a flat-bottomed wooden boat. Together they had artfully arranged dozens of bowls of colourful fruits and vegetables to sell to tourists. The daughter was the helmsman . She steered the boat and kept it close to the ship as her mother, who spoke a little English, greeted customers, negotiated prices and carried out the financial transactions. Together they made a great team.

kayaking in Halong Bay VietnamPaddling a kayak with my husband everyday was another practical example of how “two people are better off than one.” My husband sat in the rear and steered the boat. I sat in front and provided extra muscle power to move us forward. Together we were able to kayak in and out of secluded caves, and around the huge karst rock formations in Halong Bay.

I learned some excellent lessons about teamwork on my voyage in Vietnam’s Halong Bay. Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us working together with others is important in life. Teamwork can make the difference between success and failure.

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