A Good April Fool’s Joke

A former student of mine who is currently attending an American Ivy League university posted a convincing April Fools joke on Facebook. He said in a passionate diatribe that he had decided to join the Jesuit order of priests because marriage just wasn’t something he could envision as a part of his future. By becoming a priest he could dedicate his life to his religious faith which was very important to him.

The reason he was sure he would never marry was because there was just no girl out there who was good enough for him. If he lowered his standards and married a woman who didn’t quite fit his profile of the perfect wife she’d be doomed to a life of disappointment knowing she could never live up to his high ideals.

I admit I bought my former student’s April Fool’s joke hook, line and sinker but I don’t feel too badly because so did at least a dozen of his Facebook friends who posted comments, including a couple of my former colleagues who were also the young man’s teachers.

The prankster later admitted it was all a hoax, confessing that he meets girls everyday on his campus who are way too good for him and although he admires the Jesuits he’s not about to become one of them.

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