Maybe An Iguana Ate My Golf Ball

On the Moon Palace Golf Course in Cancun Mexico 

We went golfing a number of times in Cancun. You see iguanas everywhere on the golf courses there and I photographed a bunch of them.  My husband did a little research on the internet after our first round of golf in Mexico and found out that iguanas have about a hundred very sharp serrated teeth and powerful jaws. If they bite you, stitches will probably be required.

Another round in Cancun

During one of our golf games, an iguana was sitting on the edge of a green and in order to chip my ball onto the green, I needed to get it over the iguana’s head since he was right in the path where my ball needed to go.  Just as I drew back my club to hit the ball the iguana flicked its tongue at me and disappeared down a drainage hole.

My ball bounced on the grass near the green and don’t you think it too disappeared down the drainage hole.  Did I stick my hand down the drainage hole to find my ball?  NO WAY! What if the iguana was waiting to bite my hand?  What if my golf ball had hit him and he was mad?  

I would never have suspected that the iguana might have tried to eat my golf ball till Dave showed me a video from the 2014 Puerto Rico Open showing an iguana trying to do exactly that.  Check it out here. 

Did the iguana eat my golf ball? I don’t know and I’m glad I didn’t try to find out! 

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