Dave to the Rescue

We were fast asleep in our room at a resort in Cancun Mexico on Sunday night when we woke up because a cat was meowing piteously and loudly outside our door. The animal sounded like it was in terrible distress and soon several guests in rooms along our corridor including Dave had put on their clothes or bathrobes and had gone out into the hall to see what was happening. 

One of the ceiling tiles in our hallway was missing and somehow the cat had gotten stuck up there. It’s head was sticking out and the cat couldn’t get down. It howled as it made its way to the edge of the hole in the ceiling too scared to jump. Dave came into our room and got the thick binder of information about our resort and held it up to the ceiling. Perhaps the cat would be brave enough to jump onto the binder. No way. 

Then Dave saw a hide a bed folded up vertically at the end of the hallway and he wheeled it over underneath the cat.  He called to the cat and made reassuring noises till the terrified feline jumped down, first to the bed and then to the floor. It ran off. 

Now everyone in our hallway could go back to sleep. Dave had come to the rescue! That’s my husband- the hero of the hour. 

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