Mermaids Beware!

dave in the oceanAfter seeing this photo of Dave swimming in the Caribbean Sea in my post Bits and Pieces of Jamaica my cousin Tim said, “Mermaids beware!” and our friend Bill quipped “I’ve heard Jamaican sharks are too laid back to eat tourists.

marylou snorkeling“Whoa………” said my brother-in-law Bill. “Yikes” said my friend Jack.  “Wow!” said my friend Becky. “I’m so glad you weren’t injured,” said Suzanne a fellow children’s writer after they read about my Snorkeling Trip That Was A Little Too Exciting. 

It has been many months since I’ve done a post about comments and responses to my blog on various social media. I’ll try to do some catch-up in this post. 

stick stick man chongqingMy friend Darren reading my post Stick Stick Men responded …….This is great! I spent one year in Chongqing in 94-95. These guys were everywhere. I remember buying a cheap guitar and within seconds a stick stick man materialized out of nowhere to carry it for me. He didn’t take no for an answer either.

dave and maryloungreen grotto cavesKayla, a former student of mine who read my post Hairnets and Helmets said she and her husband were asked to put on head gear exactly like ours when they went zip lining in Jamaica. women working at the thrift storeMy friend and ‘boss’ at the MCC thrift store, Gerry Loewen said in an e-mail that my post about working at the Selkirk Thrift Store was ”going viral.” 

A blog reader called Hitchcock Master commented on my post Psycho- All Those Birds saying…. Great post! There is significant bird imagery in much of Hitchcock’s work even going back to his British period. His cameo in To Catch a Thief used birds. The list goes on and on. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks. 

creature black sands beach big island hawaiiRecently a blog reader Niki finally solved a mystery I wrote about during our 2012 visit to Hawaii when I saw the creature above and published its photo in my post Seeing Sea Creatures asking readers to help me identify it.  Just this week Niki contacted me and said it was a single or helmet sea urchin.

jamaican flowersMy friend John paid me a real compliment when he wrote “Keep those flower pictures coming,” after he saw my post on the flowers of Jamaica. John is a semi-professional flower photographer who has had one of his photos featured on a Canadian stamp. 

mom as a young girlEd Cornies who recently read the post I wrote about my mother-in-law Anne Driedger 1923-2011 said it he had brought back many fond memories for him of time spent with the Driedger family. 

 the_long_song_-_andrea_levy_-_cover[4]After reading my book review of The Long Song my friend Meena recommended another book by the same author called Fruit of the Lemon

There are many more comments I could include but I’ll end with a lovely story that blog reader Joanne Ewert sent me after reading about my visit to Ernest Hemingway’s House in Key West- Six-Toed Cats, A Spanish Birthing Chair and His Last Penny. 

Several years ago my husband and I visited Havana, Cuba. Among the several downtown spots of interest was the La Floridita cocktail lounge where Hemingway would spend his afternoons drinking their famous daiquiris, according to a plaque posted on the wall. His bar stool is roped off to preserve the velvet seat covering. The most interesting feature to me was the original grand piano in that bar. It has become so very beaten and weathered in appearance over the years and needs a loving refurbishing. As we stood beside it, an aged round Cuban woman dressed in a simple cotton print shirt-waist dress sat down and played the most beautiful rendition of Moon River, hands flowing over the worn yellowed ivories in one melodic swirl after another. It was amazing! I asked if she knew Hemingway. She smiled, slowly nodded, lowered her dark eyes and began another long medley of mesmerizing themes. Did she play for him in the 1950′s? A memorable experience.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog.  So far in 2014 I’ve been averaging over 300 readers a day. I appreciate your support. It is a great motivation for me as I try to be diligent about practising my writing craft on a daily basis. 

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