Breakfast in Florida

We are sharing Dave’s brother Paul and his wife Shirley’s lovely Kissimmee condo for a few days. Yesterday morning we had a fabulous breakfast out on the balcony enjoying the perfect balmy weather along with friends of Paul and Shirley’s who had stopped in on the way to their own family home in Clearwater Beach. 

There were glasses of Florida fresh orange juice mixed with a fine Pinot Grigio and hot just brewed coffee. 

The main entrée was a layered breakfast dish that included vegetables, beef, hashbrowns, cheese and poached eggs topped with salsa. This was accompanied by toast, bacon and a fruit salad of grapes, pineapple, bananas and melon. It was a meal to be savored. 

After breakfast we enjoyed a great day in the Florida sunshine that included eighteen holes of golf. My sister-in-law Shirley was definitely the star on the links with her long drives and consistent fairway shots. We had dinner afterwards in the clubhouse and ended the day with a euchre tournament that was won by the ladies.  This was a particularly sweet victory since last year when we shared our house in Phoenix with Paul and Shirley the men won every euchre match. Paul was even gracious enough in defeat to acknowledge that my euchre skills had shown marked improvement since last year.

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2 responses to “Breakfast in Florida

  1. Millie

    You can take the boys out of Leamington, but you can’t separate them from their beloved Heinz ketchup! I feel a commercial coming on. Do say hello to Paul and Shirley.


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