Making Chinese Dumplings

making chinese dumplingsWe are staying with our friends Jeff and Anna in Florida and on Saturday they hosted a Chinese dumpling making party.  They had invited another couple and their daughter to join us. Anna and her friend Georgia chopped up all the ingredients and made the meat mixture and then the rest of us pitched in to do the dumpling wrapping.making chinese dumplingsWrapping up the dumplings properly takes skill and practice and…….rolling  chinese dumplings plenty of concentration.wrapping dumplingsNaomi, Jeff and Anna’s oldest daughter had her own technique which the rest of us tried to follow. how to roll up chinese dumplingsAnna found a video on You Tube  that provided step by step dumpling wrapping instructions.chinese  dumpling makingDave had his own technique and didn’t hesitate to double wrap when he thought he needed to. chinese dumplingsPart of the trick was putting just the right amount of meat mixture onto your wrapchinese dumplingsand then pinching the edges properly so the meat didn’t come out during cooking. chinese dumplingsThe dumplings were placed on a floured tray when they were done and stored in ziplock bags dusted with more flour. They could then be taken out as needed to be boiled or fried or used in soups. chinese dumplingsWe had dumplings in chicken broth with noodles for supper that night. Reminded us so much of the delicious won ton mein soup we used to order at restaurants in Hong Kong where we all lived and worked  for a number of years. 

Here’s Anna’s recipe which Dave and I want to try at home. Let us know if you’d like to come to a dumpling making party at our condo in Winnipeg. We’d love to have you!chinese dumpling recipeOther posts about food…….

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  1. interesting ml. we actually had a warenike making party yesterday as well.


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