Bits and Pieces of Jamaica- From Karaoke to Bingo

Karaoke, goats, Bingo, more flowers and farewells. We’ve left Jamaica for other adventures but there are interesting bits and pieces of our time there that I want to keep a record of and they just didn’t fit into any other blog post. Here they are!

I’ll start with a photo of Dave swimming in the ocean.

dave in the oceanMost evenings Dave and I cooked supper at our bed and breakfast or went out to small local places where we could get supper for around $5.  dinner at piper's coveOur first Sunday in Jamaica  however we splurged and went out for an elegant dinner at the Piper’s Cove Villa.  dinner at piper's cove with the whole groupWe went back our last Sunday in Jamaica along with our hosts the Beaches and the other three couples who had joined us at the Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast. 

Naseberry Fruit

Naseberry Fruit

I did a post about some Jamaican foods we tried but here’s others we’ve tried since.  

Jamaican Apples

Jamaican Apples

Cornmeal cereal with condensed milk and cinnamon, sorel juice, custard apple, Jamaican apple, potato pudding, naseberry fruit and June plum. 

dave singing karaokeOne night we went singing karaoke at a local bar.  Some of our Jamaican neighbours were great performers.  Dave tried his hand at a little Johnny Cash and was a hit. 

Happy Bingo player at the Resource Centre

Happy Bingo player at the Resource Centre

On Fridays the regular volunteers don’t come to the Resource Centre where we were tutoring. Dave and I asked directors Mildred and Tony Beach if we could plan a couple of Fun Fridays for the kids and they agreed.  We taught them action songs, played board games, took them out for soccer and played games like Scattergories and Pictionary with them. Their very favorite activity however was playing Bingo. 

I have already done a blog post about flowers but here a couple more photos that I’ve taken since. flowers jamaica

flowers jamaica

flowers jamaica

jamaica flowers

flowers of jamaicaMy most lasting memory of Jamaica will be of goats. They are simply everywhere much like cows are in India.  I have so many photos of goats. baby goats drinking milk jamaica

Our last day at working at the Resource Centre the children sang a special farewell song for at resource centre sing to us  And then we were inundated with hugs and final requests to take photos of our kids. Their families don’t have cameras and they loved it when we took photos of them. good-by smiles from our kids

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