Getting To Know St. Ann’s Bay On Foot

We spent a couple of hours exploring the streets of St. Ann’s Bay one day last week. Walking in St. Ann’s Bay is like taking a step back in time. 

The local courthouse was built in 1866. The St. Ann’s Anglican Church first opened its doors in 1871.St. Ann’s Bay used to be a tourist spot but now cruise ships all land at Ocho Rios and the morning we were in St. Ann’s Bay we didn’t see another Caucasian face besides our own. St. Ann’s Bay was founded in 1655 and named after Lady Anne Hyde the wife of King James II of England. 

These schoolgirls were pleased to pose for a photo when I asked them and gave me big smiles when I thanked them.These boys also agreed to a photo but didn’t smile and asked me for money when I thanked them. The telephone wires in St. Ann’s Bay were adorned with Spanish Moss. Kind of pretty but I wonder if it interferes with phone service. We arrived at market time and there were many vendors in the street pedaling produce. I wasn’t sure if this banana salesman’s pants would stay on when he bent over to check out his fruit. This man was transporting a whole case of bottled water on his head. There’s a statue of Christopher Columbus in St. Ann’s Bay. On his fourth voyage Columbus was marooned in St. Ann’s Bay from June of 1503 to June of 1504. 

The local police officers were busy at work settling disputes on the streets. One police officer even stopped to ask us if we were okay and having a good morning in St. Ann’s Bay. We assured him we were. There was lots of garbage piled up outside the indoor market and also in front of this place selling bathroom fixtures.  The sign to the left assures customers the company is ready to meet both their wants and needs. There are any number of schools in St. Ann’s Bay but as this battered sign suggests the public education system in Jamaica is struggling. St. Ann’s Bay is the birthplace of Jamaican nationalist and journalist Marcus Garvey. The most visible landmark in the town is the colorful clock tower. 

We walked by the Family Planning Clinic. According to a recent article in the Jamaica Gleaner, teen pregnancy continues to be a major public health issue in Jamaica. A new Credit Union building in St. Ann’s Bay is a hopeful sign of economic improvement. We had an enjoyable morning in St. Ann’s Bay. You can learn a lot about a place simply by walking its streets for a couple hours. 

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4 responses to “Getting To Know St. Ann’s Bay On Foot

  1. Trevor Burrowes

    I love this. It means a great deal to me. If this goes through, I’ll eventually say more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michelle Saint-Clair

    St Anne (french spelling )is the parish name of the town name where I grew up. Looking at he pictures you’ve posted I could recall easily the streets of my hometown. H
    urray to the Caribbean Islands .I assumed Steve, you were behind the camera.


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