Learning About Bob Marley

He’s buried with a marijuana joint, his Gibson guitar, a soccer ball, a Bible, and a ring from the son of the Ethiopian Emperor he worshipped. That’s just one of the interesting things we learned about Jamaica’s most popular musician Bob Marley when we visited his childhood home in Nine Mile and also the adjacent mausoleums where he and his mother are buried.As soon as you walk in the gate there are people ready to sell you marijuana cigarettes to smoke.

Marijuana is illegal in Jamaica so this was rather surprising but the tourists who bought the marijuana and smoked it on our tour didn’t seem at all concerned about breaking the law.
Our guide pointed out a large billboard-style painting of Ethiopian Emperor Halie Sellasie and his wife.  According to the Rastafari religion which began in Jamaica in the 1930s Sellasie, who died in 1975 was a divine messiah who would someday lead the people of Africa and the African diaspora to freedom. Bob Marley, his mother and his wife were all devout Rastafari followers. Our first tour stop was a kind of shrine with framed copies of all Marley’s award-winning albums.

 There are numerous portraits of the artist whose song One Love was named Song of the Millenium by the BBC in 1999. Next, we were ushered into a sitting area in front of a stage where reggae musicians were performing a medley of Marley tunes.  On the way up to see the house where Bob Marley spent his childhood, we stopped to look at the graves of his maternal grandparents. Bob was born in their house in 1945, to his 18-year-old mother Cedella Booker who was of African descent. His father was 60-year-old, Norval Marley. A plantation overseer he was of British descent. His father was seldom home and died when Bob was 10. We were invited inside the small two-room house where Bob and his mother lived from the time he was six months old till he was 13 and they moved to Kingston.  I am standing beside the bed where Bob Marley slept Since the home of Bob and his mother only had two rooms cooking was done in this outdoor kitchen behind the house.Outside Bob Marley’s childhood home we were invited to lie down on a rock made famous in one of Bob’s songs “Talkin’ Blues”, where he refers to a rock that was his pillow.  

The first mausoleum we visited paid tribute to Bob Marley’s mother. Bob Marley died in 1981 and his mother Cordella in 2008.This is the mausoleum where Cordella is buried.  After Bob was born Cordella went on to have a daughter and two more sons with two different men and she adopted one of Bob’s sons.  Bob Marley had fourteen children with nine different women, although he only married one- Rita Marley. Bob Marley is buried in this mausoleum along with his half brother Anthony who was killed in a shoot-out with police in 1990 after he began open firing with a shotgun in a Miami shopping mall. Outside the mausoleum was this sign to remind us that Bob Marley lives on through his music. As you leave the Bob Marley site you pass through shops selling Bob Marley souvenirs. 

Dave and our expert driver Andrew Moody.

Dave and our expert driver Andrew Moody.

The road up to the Bob Marley Nine Mile Site is in terrible condition and very twisty and narrow. It is used by local buses that ignore the idea of any kind of speed limit and pass without wondering what other vehicles might be around the corner.  I was so glad we were in the hands of expert driver and Pentecostal pastor Andrew Moody. His astute observations about Bob Marley and the Nine Mile site as well as the story of Andrew’s own personal life experiences, including working on different farms in Canada were worth the car fare on their own.  We saw so much of the Jamaican countryside on our trip to Nine Mile and that was great!

bob-marley-smoking-marijuanaWe’ve talked to people here in Jamaica who aren’t exactly happy that a marijuana smoking, womanizer has become their most famous citizen but there are others who say that you can’t underestimate the value to the Jamaican tourist industry of Marley, the reggae great who has been inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and has won a Lifetime Achievement Grammy. He’s certainly put Jamaica on the map. 


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7 responses to “Learning About Bob Marley

  1. Miyuki Oshima

    Hi my name is Miyuki Oshima, and I work for TopSpin Creative, a Japanese TV production company in NYC.

    We are currently working on a Japanese TV program featuring Bob Marley, and looking for the photograph of the birthplace of Bob Marley in Nine Mile.
    I have seen your photo, and wondering if we can use your photo on the program.

    We are kind of in hurry…
    We are looking forward to hearing you!


  2. James St Patrick

    Great review. Just left that site yesterday. I agree it was a trap a give me a tip for everything trap but please remove the word ghetto from your review. These people are living in humbling environments so for a middle age white women to call an unstable land a ghetto is appalling. Very offensive choice of words for a community surrounded by nothing.


  3. EL

    This is the most disrespectful review I’ve ever seen. How dare you mock how his home is and be concerned about tips and ways his family chooses to make their income. They don’t have to open his home to anyone. Stay home idiot!!


  4. Ashante

    This review was very distasteful! Nobody asked for this! The next time you plan to do a review on a historical site in a country you’re not a citizen of carefully consider the choice of words you use to describe their culture! Why do you keep mentioning tips?? Did they force you to pay?? These people are doing their jobs and you have a choice to tip or not don’t be a karen about it and come post dis bs!


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