Beaching It on the Caribbean

dave at the oceanSaturdays we don’t work at the Resource Centre for kids here in Runaway Bay so we head down to the Caribbean Sea.  We’ve had a couple perfect beach days here already.  dave walking to the beachThe  beach is about a thirty minute walk away from our bed and breakfast.  Since our hosts Mildred and Tony are property owners in Runaway Bay, as their guests we are allowed to use a small private beach sandwiched betweenresort boat the swanky waterfront of the Jewel Resort dave at public beachand the local public beach. The sand is fine and soft on the beach front and also on the ocean bottom as far out as we can walk.  dave in the caribbeanThe water is a beautiful clear blue and there are enough major waves to make swimming just a tad scary and lots of fun. 

sign at beach in jamaicaJamaica is actually quite a conservative place as you can see from this sign at the beach. Dave refused to take this photo unless I pointed at the words No Nudity. beach chairs For a couple of dollars you can rent chairs for the day.  strawberry pina coladaA beachside bar serves great strawberry pina coladas. horse ownersSome local entrepeneurs keep horses in a field just behind the beach. horses and egretsThese beautiful white egrets share the field with the horses. horse and rider in oceanYou can pay to go on horse rides through Runaway Bay or even ride a horse out into the waves if you’re really daring. dave readingThe beach is quiet just perfect for getting caught up on reading. Dave is tackling James Michener’s Caribbean and is learning lots about Jamaica as well as the other islands around us. vendors on beachThere are local craftspeople selling their wares along the beach.  dave talks to carverDave chatted with one of the carvers. Apparently in the last couple years some local resorts have been bought by a chain and this means these beachside vendors have lost business.  The chains run their own gift shops in the resorts and some post signs warning guests not to wander off the resort.abandoned standThat’s why we saw quite a few abandoned shops along the beach. restaurant at the public beachThere is a restaurant at the public beach where we have eaten a few times already. beach at runaway bayThe beach in Runaway Bay is lovely and I’m sure we’ll back every Saturday. 

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  1. John Neufeld

    Please don’t let Dave go nude on the beach! Jamaica may never recover.


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