Fun With Naomi

marylou and naomiWe’ ve been staying with our friends Jeff and Anna in Homosassa Florida for the last week and I’ve been having lots of fun with their six-year-old daughter Naomi. She’s a delight. little girl peeling potatoesOne night she helped me make supper and peeled all the sweet potatoes.  It was a hard job but she stuck to it with lots of determination. 

on the i=padShe showed me how to make a puzzle out of a photograph on the i-pad.

little girl using the rainbow loomNaomi got a Rainbow Loom for Christmas. I’d seen similar looms at a family gathering in Ontario where three young girls had them. Apparently the Rainbow Loom was the most popular gift given during this Christmas season. Naomi made me two rings with her loom.rainbow loom ringsShe also makes bracelets and necklaces. She tried to show me how the loom works but my feeble attempts at creating jewelry pieces made me admire her expertise even more. 

six year old doing homeworkOne night Naomi let me help her with her homework. She’s great a figuring out math problems and she loves to spell. After we’d studied her spelling test words she wanted me to dictate more words to her and she filled up two full sheets with rows of words. I couldn’t stump her. She got 100% on her spelling test the next day. marylou and taylorWe’ve also been having fun with Naomi’s younger sister Taylor. 

taylor on exercise ballBoth Taylor and Naomi take gymnastics and they can do all kinds of tricks- cartwheels and somersaults included. dave and taylorTaylor is clowning around with Uncle Dave at the table. She’s not always sure when to take him rivers presbyterian churchWe went to see Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church and School where Naomi and Taylor go to school and where Naomi and Taylor’s Dad  Jeff is a grade five teacher and their mother Anna works as an educational assistant. 20 month oldWe’ve also enjoyed little Caleb, Jeff and Anna’s youngest child.  Naomi, Taylor and Caleb are helping us keep our grandparenting skills sharp. 

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  1. So nice to read about your visits with former ICS families and get a brief update on their lives and to see how the children have grown… Please send my regards and tell Jeff to update his blog!


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