Whenever I Hear A Chiming Clock I Think of Grandma

We are staying with our friends Jeff and Anna in Homosassa Florida for a week and they have a clock that chimes on the quarter hour- a gift from Anna’s parents. It reminds me of the chiming clock my grandparents owned. When I spent the night at their house in Gnadenthal, Manitoba I was sometimes awakened  by its hourly chimes but it was a comforting sound and not a disturbing one. 

At my grandmother’s funeral each of her seventeen grandchildren had chosen an object that reminded them of our grandmother and we had arranged them on a table at the front of the church sanctuary. Some of my cousins and I wrote a readers’ theatre piece about Grandma to read at the funeral and in it we made mention of each item on the table and why each grandchild had chosen it.  One of us had chosen Grandma’s chiming clock. 

Interestingly right in the middle of the pastor’s sermon during the funeral service the clock began to chime. The pastor simply stopped his eulogizing and waited along with all the rest of us, in silence, for I believe it was eleven chimes. 

It was kind of like Grandma who loved to tell a good story, recite a long poem or tell a joke was having her last say. Whenever I hear a chiming clock I think of Grandma.

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