Diary Of A Delicious Family Visit

Great Food! Thinking about our recent days with my husband’s family I keep remembering the meals. I know family visits are about relationship building but somehow the meals were tied to that and now I’m kicking myself for not having taken photos of all that wonderful food.  I decided to journal about it anyway, mostly as a reminder to myself to check out recipes and try making some of this food at home. 

Dave and Julie

Dave and Julie

We spent New Year’s Eve with Dave’s brother Bill and his wife Julie.  Since Dave and I dropped in on them with less than an hour’s notice we arrived with a pizza in hand from Rina’s Pizzeria. Dave’s brother Paul recommended Rina’s as the best place in town. He phoned in the order for us. Apparently they know which pizza to make as soon as Paul gives his name so I can’t even tell you what kind of pizza it was but it was delicious and we polished off the whole thing. Julie had also put together a plate of veggies with dip and had another tray of nuts and candies out for dessert. The tip I want to remember from this meal is that Julie puts frozen grapes into wine to chill it! I have to try that! dave with tante helga and tante gatteI’ve already written about our New Year’s Day brunch with Dave’s aunts and uncles and all the Mennonite baking Dave’s aunts had done.  One of the things we had was zwiebach.  For those of my readers who aren’t Mennonites zwiebach translated means ‘double bun’ or ‘two buns’ because a smaller roll is stacked on top of the other. The history of zwiebach goes back to the Mennonites living in Holland in the 16th century. They served the buns at weddings and funerals and for faspa- a light Sunday supper. This tradition has carried on. I can remember Dave’s mother baking a counter top full of them and her five sons coming into the kitchen one by one during a Sunday afternoon of watching sports on television and downing literally a whole batch of zwiebach in a few hours.

My sister-in-law Shirley

My sister-in-law Shirley

For New Year’s Day supper my sister-in-law Shirley made Clean Out The Fridge Soup for a family get together.  I was sitting at the kitchen counter visiting with her as she cooked and it was a fascinating process to observe. She and my brother-in-law Paul were leaving on a trip to Hawaii in two days and she wanted to clean out her fridge. Literally everything she found inside the fridge from left-over stuffing and mashed potatoes from their Christmas dinner to spinach leaves were tossed into the soup along with dashes of all kinds of spices and sauces. The soup was wonderful! She and one of the teenage girls who came for supper also made homemade sushi for our meal and her daughter-in-law had brought a delicious spaghetti squash casserole. It was an eclectic, interesting supper with an eclectic interesting group of family members. 

lakeside bakeryJanuary 2 we took Paul and Shirley out for breakfast at the Lakeside Bakery. The food was hearty and hot and we had a good visit.  Dave had french toast made with apple cinnamon bread that looked delicious. 

 familyOur nephew and his wife had us over to their home our last night in Leamington for a great supper.  We started with a shrimp and mango mixture which we wrapped in endive leaves. Next our nephew had made fried cakes of shredded sweet potatoes, avocado,peppers and I don’t know what else that just melted in your mouth. He served them on a bed of mixed greens, with a soft egg on top and drizzled with balsamic. Dessert was chocolate, strawberries and salty nuts.  Accompanied by a glass of wine it was a perfect meal. 

Getting together with our family was one great part of our time in southern Ontario but so was the food! 

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