Clippings #3

I’ve been going through old journals, photo albums and scrapbooks and periodically posting things I’m finding. puckers hockey team steinbachHere is my husband with Ron Friesen holding a hockey trophy their Steinbach team The Puckers has just won.  Dave played recreational hockey for well over a decade with a group of men his age. Their games were often late at night. Dave did not grow up playing hockey so it was a new sport for him but he had lots of fun both on the ice and in the dressing room after the games. hopi mission assignmentThis article was in a Mennonite church paper in 1989 the year we set off for Arizona with our family to work as volunteer teachers in a mission school on the Hopi Indian Reservation. letter to the editor This letter to the editor in 1985 got me my first writing job. I was upset by a column in the local paper The Carillon that was critical of daycare. Our son had been in daycare for a number of years and it had been a good experience for him. After reading my letter Peter Dyck the editor of the paper asked if I might be interested in writing a column of my own. I agreed to give it a try. Twenty eight years later I’m still writing that column.dave on cmbc football team

Here’s my husband Dave running to score a touchdown in a flag football game during his freshman year of college. Look at those calf muscles and that flowing hair. No wonder I fell in love. Now that he’s had hip surgery who knows he may go back to playing football again. 

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