Family Reunion- Leise Rieselt Der Schnee

Dave pushes his Dad through the snow to a Christmas party. They are singing Leise Reiselt Der Schnee

It is snowing like crazy here in Leamington Ontario. Dave says in all his years growing up here he doesn’t think he ever saw so much snow.  Yesterday morning we went to pick up his Dad from the nursing home to take him over to Dave’s Tante Gatte’s nearby apartment for a Christmas get together. It was cold and snowing heavily although the flakes were huge and soft. Getting Dad who is almost ninety three years old all bundled up with his gloves and hat and pushing the wheelchair through the snow was a bit of an adventure. I think Dave and his Dad are looking at the townhouse just across the street where Dave’s parents lived for many years after they had moved off of their vegetable farm. Here is Dave with two of his beautiful aunts, Tante Helga and Tante Gatte. Tante Gatte who is ninety years old and still swims everyday, drives her car and is known for her volunteer work had made all kinds of wonderful traditional Mennonite baking for our family get together- zwiebach, stollen, raisin bread and portzelky. Here is Dave with his other two beautiful aunts, Tante Margaret and Tante Marion. Dave visits with his cousin Rudy Neufeld who had organized the family reunion. Rudy runs Neufeld Learning Systems a company that makes software for math teachers. It was nice to see Dave’s cousin Ruth.  Many years ago we went to college together  and our children in Saskatoon are good friends. Ruth is a talented artist. Check out her website. 

Here I’m visiting with Dave’s cousin Judy.  She’s telling me that her grandchildren and daughter from Arizona are coming to spend three months with her while their Dad does an optometry rotation in New York State. 

I took a photo of Dave’s Dad with his four siblings all in their eighties and nineties. Uncle Johnny, Tante Gatte, Dad, Tante Margaret and Uncle Abe. As we pushed Dad back to the nursing home Dave started whistling a German Christmas song about snow called Leise Rieselt Der Schnee (Softly Falls the Snow) and Dad who has a rich bass voice started singing. He remembered all the words. The three of of us sang three verses by the time we got Dad back to his room. Before we left Dad said, “That was a nice party.”

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