Lost- Part 2

Hallelujah!  I simply cannot say enough about how nice the people at the Winnipeg passport office were. I told them my sad story and explained about missing family stuff in Leamington and needing to get to Florida on time and the woman who served me was so patient and understanding. Of course I started crying in the middle of it all and she couldn’t have been more diplomatic and helpful.  “If we had your passport ready by noon would you leave immediately?” she asked.  “Absolutely, ” I said.  “We’ll try.” she replied. What a God-send she was! And I mean that literally. 

A big thank you to my friends Hans and Esther who promised to stay by their phones all morning to take the call to be my references. Thanks to my long-suffering husband Dave who acted as my guarantor, got up early to fuel up the car and drove long hours today to make up lost time. Thanks to my son who sent text messages assuring me things would turn out fine. 

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