Clippings- #2- Can You Spot the Famous Author?

I am going through old journals and scrapbooks and periodically publishing things I find.
reach for the top team 1971
Reach For The Top was a television quiz show for Manitoba high school students. I was on the Steinbach Collegiate Institute team in my senior year along with Reynold Reimer, Leroy Thiessen and Herb Peters. We lost but it was a close game.steinbach stealers dave driedger

My husband Dave Driedger slides into home plate in the Manitoba Senior A Men’s Fastball Championships final game. It was the first run scored in a game his team the Steinbach Stealers went on to win 3-2.  This was in the late 1970’s. sc eye- school newspaper

I was the editor of our high school newspaper the SC Eye my senior year. Here I am with my staff Mavis Barkman, Audrey Barkman, H. K. Friesen ( teacher advisor) Shirley Joy Unger, Phyllis Toews, Delores Hiebert, Barry Orychuk, Debbie Friesen, Duane Fast, Sharon Dyck and Leroy Friesen. steinbach men's basketball team 1978Here is my husband Dave (he is number 23 in the front row) with his Steinbach Men’s basketball team. I believe the year is 1978.  There is another Dave in this photo, the award winning Canadian author David Bergen.  He was my husband Dave’s teamate. Dave Bergen is #14 in the second row- second from the left. 

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