Christmas Past- The Nuns’ Christmas

Sitting on Santa's knee 1959

Sitting on Santa’s knee 1959

When I was five and six years old we lived in the apartment building for  residents and their families on the grounds of the St. Boniface Hospital where my father was finishing his medical training. The Grey Nuns who had founded the hospital put on a Christmas party each year for the children of the residents complete with a visit from Santa, food and gifts. You can see the white clad sisters in the background acting as Santa’s elves and bringing in the presents. Santa is wearing a rather strange mask. Who knows? Perhaps he was also a nun in disguise. I’m sitting on Santa’s left knee and I think the little girl with me is Candace Propp. Her family lived in the residence with us and our parents were friends. Later Candace and her family would move to Steinbach where her father would go into medical practice with my Dad. At the time we lived in a very small one bedroom apartment  where my sister and I slept on the fold out couch in the living room. Going to the big activity room for this party was an exciting event for me and my siblings.

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