Oh The Things You Learn!

One of the reasons I love being a faculty supervisor for the education department at the university is that I learn so many new things when I visit my students teachers in their schools. Here is just a sampling of what I discovered during my recent visits.

I watched a mummy being made.  A grade eight class actually mummified a body in class. The very creative student teacher had made a body out of plastic tape. Inside it were organs made of modeling clay and she had canopic jars decorated with the heads of Egyptian gods in which to store the organs. The kids wrapped up the mummy with toilet paper and tucked in amulets before carrying the mummy off for burial. 

In a grade nine gym class I learned  the aboriginal game of fox tails. I’m not sure how the native groups that played the game made their foxtails but my student teacher had his students stuff the toes of pantyhose with rice to make a soft ball with a long tail for throwing.   The foxtail was thrown at targets, tossed around to play catch with a partner and used in a team jumping game. It looked like lots of fun. 

In a nursery kindergarten class I was introduced to The Family Book. The delightful and colorful illustrations introduce children to all kinds of families- step families, single parent families, adoptive families, families with two mothers and two fathers, families with pets and clean and messy families. All the families have people who love each other, celebrate together and are happy and sad together. 

Did you know the bridge of you nose is called the dorsum or that the part between the nostrils is the columella?  I certainly didn’t till I observed a lesson in grade one/two class where the children were learning about the parts of the nose. 

I was introduced to the novel The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  It is a Greek mythological tale set in modern times.  The hero is the son of the god Poseidon. He and his friends are on a quest to prevent a war between the gods. The boy in the story has ADHD and dyslexia as does Rick Riordan’s son for whom the story was written. It became a New York Times bestseller, was made into a movie and Riordan has written a half-dozen sequels. 

I learned there are tests you can do to find out how intelligent your dog is.  Children in a grade two class were having a  reading lesson using a brochure that described different tests you could do to measure the intelligence of your pet. One test is to put a towel over your dog’s head and time how long it takes the animal to get free of the towel. 

A post about what I learned on last year’s visits to classrooms……..

Learning Cool Things

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