Rebellion Poems

Ever felt rebellious and need to vent?  It’s something teens know quite a bit about. When  I taught high school writing classes one assignment was to create a rebellion poem. I provided a sample about an experience I remembered when I was a teenager.

She Tried To Tip The Boat

She tried to tip the boat to prove she was a risk taker

She did it because she was tired of being the dependable child

She did it for the thrill- for a glimpse of life in the fast lane

She did it to make them sit up and notice her

She did it to see if she could make her even-tempered Dad lose his cool

She did it because no one would expect her to

She did for herself

Here are some rebellion poems my students wrote………

He Stopped Going to Church

He stopped going to church

He did it because he was annoyed

He did it to think for himself

He did it to be free

He did it because his parents always went to church

He did it to get away from ‘the crowd”

He did it for himself.                                

She Got A Mohawk Hair Cut

She got a Mohawk to end the monotony

She did it to break the mold

She did it to shock and appall

She did it to stand out

She did it to fit in

She did it to clear the slate

She did it for herself. 

She’s in a Heavy Metal Band

She’s in a heavy metal band

Because she wants to stand out

She’s in it to release some energy

To have fun with her friends

She’s in it to take a break from the norm

To make her ‘strictly classical’ teacher mad

She’s in it to be crazy

She’s in it for herself.

We also tried applying the ‘rebel’ pattern to some famous acts of rebellion like Picasso painting Guernica.

I Painted Guernica

I did it because  Nazi bombers killed my people

I did it because civil war was tearing my country apart

I did it to show the violence of war

I did it because I was angry

I did it because my country was “sinking in an ocean of pain and death”

I did it because I was an artist and I had something to say

If you’re feeling a bit rebellious why not write a rebellion poem of your own? 

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