What’s a Buffalo Jump?

buffalo jump herschel saskatchewan

Dave looks at a buffalo jump

On our visit to Ancient Echoes an interpretive centre in Herschel Saskatchewan we saw a buffalo jump.

buffalo jump herschel

Buffalo Jump in Herschel

A buffalo jump is a high cliff that the Plains Indians who once lived on the Canadian prairies used to hunt buffalo. The bison were herded over a cliff and their legs broke. Immobilized in the ravine at the bottom of the cliff they were killed by hunters waiting there. It is believed this kind of hunting began over 12,000 years ago and was practiced till the 1500’s. 

Artifact and bone discoveries near the Herschel buffalo jump site are evidence the bison were butchered and processed at a camp nearby. 

bison at Fort WhyteNone of the bison was wasted. Every part was used.  

walking to a buffalo jump

Dave and our guide Dave Neufeld walk towards the buffalo jump

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  1. I enjoyed the mix of local photos and the pictorials.


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