Inspirational Teachers, Out of Control Generosity and Enriching Art

rejoice devotionals fall 2013My series of meditations are in the Rejoice devotional readings book this week. You can download the full book here. 

My assigned scripture passages for the week days were from Exodus 35-40 and on the weekend a little more variety with passages from Colossians, Jeremiah and Psalm 46.

I wrote about Inspirational Teachers, Out of Control Generousity, Enriching Art and Enduring Joy among other things. 

I have been writing for Rejoice for many years and appreciate the new things I learn as I explore my assigned Scriptures as well as the responses I get from people who have read my thoughts. 

Here is yesterday’s reflection as a sample of what my devotional writing is all about.

Wednesday November 20

Enriching Art

Then they brought to the tabernacle……………the hangings of the court…  Exodus 39: 33a and 40a

Read: Exodus 39: 32-43


Aunt Vi

Aunt Vi

My 90-year-old aunt Viola Schmidt recently published her autobiography. It included a section about her service to her congregation First Mennonite in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. One page featured photos of a series of large vibrantly colored felt hangings she’d made to display in the sanctuary during the advent season. They told the story of Jesus’ birth.

Grace Mennonite Quilt by Linda Klassen

Grace Mennonite Quilt by Linda Klassen

When my home congregation, Grace Mennonite in Steinbach, Manitoba celebrated our 50th anniversary, Linda Klassen, a gifted quilter created a huge wall hanging that visually depicted the story of our church family. Each colorful and intricately stitched section symbolized something important in the life and history of Grace Mennonite.

At the fall 2012 delegate gathering of Mennonite Church Manitoba a hanging in multiple shades of green was unveiled. Designed and quilted by Val Pankratz, the focus of the banner was the Mennonite Church olive branch and dove symbol. The background and border featured a myriad of intertwined branches and leaves outlined with thousands and thousands of tiny perfect stitches.

In Exodus 39 the Israelites donate hangings for the tent of meeting. In our present day many talented people also use their gifts to create hangings that add meaning and an important visual element to our worship spaces. These hangings help bring to life our history, our beliefs and the Biblical stories on which our faith is founded.

Respond: Thank you God for the way visual art can enrich our worship experience. Thank you for the gifted people who create that art.

Last year I reflected on my long association with the Rejoice publication. You can read about that in this blog post.

Eighteen Years of Rejoice Devotionals

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