Clippings -1

I found some newspaper clippings I’d saved because they catalogue important events in my life. 

engagement photo

This was the clipping announcing our engagement in 1973. It seems so strange now but way back then only the bride’s picture was put in the newspaper for engagements. Now engagement notices always carry pictures of both the prospective bride and groom. Also I noticed that my mother’s name, Dorothy wasn’t mentioned. As a couple they went by my father’s name. Something that has also changed. Good thing!

marylou and kaaren music festival

I would think from the ages my sister and I appear to be in this photo it was taken in 1967 or 1968.  We both took piano lessons for over a decade, first from Mrs. Elsie Rempel in Steinbach and then from Mrs. Lydia Wiebe in Winnipeg. My mother drove over sixty miles once a week to take us to lessons. We were always entered in both the Steinbach and Winnipeg festivals. I honestly don’t have very fond memories of those experiences because I was always worried I would get on the stage and would forget how to play the sonatina or minuet I had worked so hard to memorize. My sister  and I also played many duets in the festival and I suspect we were featured in the local Steinbach paper because this was one of the times we had performed exceptionally well and won festival classes. oklahoma clip

I played the role of Laurie in the musical Oklahoma when I was a senior and this picture ran in the local paper to advertise the show. I was in a musical every year of high school and throughly enjoyed the experience. I also had a lead role in the musical The Red Mill in my junior year. I loved this dress and kept it for a long time. My mother sewed it for me. The highschool musicals in Steinbach were very popular. The photo caption says tickets are already sold out for some nights.   You can tell how old this clipping is because in the text it says that tickets to the musical were $1.00. 

I hope to publish some more clippings in future posts. 

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