The Berlin Wall in Toronto- Only in Freedom Can the Human Spirit Soar

freedom arches nathan phillips squareDid you know there is a piece of the Berlin Wall in the heart of Toronto? After November 9, 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, the arches over the skating rink and pond in Nathan Phillips Square were named The Freedom Arches.  They had originally been installed for aesthetic purposes and as tracks for lighting. 

piece of the berlin wall in torontoA piece of the Berlin Wall was embedded in a concrete slab on the south side of the centre arch with a plaque that says……….

The Citizens of Toronto dedicate these arches to the millions who struggled including Canadians to gain and defend freedom and to the tens of millions who suffered and died for the lack of it. May all that we do be worthy of them.  Only in freedom can the Human Spirit soar.  Against the human drive for freedom nothing can long succeed.dave at the berlin wall in toronto
I was curious about how many other pieces of the Berlin Wall are on display around the world. I found out there are more than a hundred sites in places as diverse as Kyiv, Capetown, Singapore, Buenos Aries, Ottawa and Chicago where they have received pieces of the wall.

Truth be told there are nearly a hundred pieces of the Berlin Wall on sale on eBay right now, some priced as low as a dollar.

A PBS special in April reported a controversy brewing in Berlin over the small section of the relic that remains standing. 80% of the Berlin Wall has been shredded and paved over. Now developers want to knock down even more to build apartments.

Some Berliners, especially senior citizens are opposed. They say the wall is a memorial to people who died during the Cold War. A  government spokesman claims new building at the former Berlin Wall site is part of an ambitious renewal plan that is vital to the city’s economic development. 

It seems the Berlin Wall is still causing conflict. If the remaining section gets knocked down, perhaps pieces of it, like the one in Toronto will become more valuable. 

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