What Am I Doing On A Birthing Stone?

birthing stone ancient echoes herschel saskatchewanI’m resting on a birthing stone that was used by women of the Plains Indian groups who erected their tipis around Herschel, Saskatchewan hundreds of years ago.  On a tour of Ancient Echoes, an interpretive centre in Herschel, our guide told us an aboriginal female elder who visited the site identified the stone as one women would have used while giving birth. birthing stone herschel saskatchewan

The stone allowed women in labor to basically be upright with their backs resting in the gentle curve of the rock. Ellen Pearson a University of North Carolina history professor writes that in most Indian nations women did not give birth lying down. She says a bed of leaves was amassed beneath the standing mother as a soft place for her infant to land.

prairie view herschel saskatchewan

Prairie in Herschel Saskatchewan November 2013

The stone was a  comfortable resting place and the view it provided of the prairie was certainly very peaceful and lovely. I’d never heard of a birthing stone before. Perhaps it will be reinstated someday as helpful aid to women wanting to give birth in a natural way. 

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