Meeting Hong Kong ICS Friends in Toronto- Part 2

lunch with tim and connieDuring on Toronto visit we were delighted to be able to arrange to have lunch with Tim and Connie Wong. We taught in Hong Kong with Tim at ICS for all of our six years there. Tim was the elementary school principal and Connie worked as the librarian at another international school.
with tim and connie in torontoThey moved back to Toronto in 2012. Tim continues to serve long distance as the administrator of a private school in China which he founded, and he and Connie are administrators and facilitators of an after school program in Toronto. They are enjoying being so close to their families, since their siblings and parents all live in Toronto. Their children are happy to be getting to know their many cousins so well. Last year Tim’s whole extended family enjoyed a trip to Florida.

at tim and connie's for thanksgivingTim and Connie were noted at our school in Hong Kong for the annual Thanksgiving party they hosted for everyone on our staff who hailed from Canada on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. They provided great food, lots of red and white decorations and games that tested our knowledge of Canada complete with prizes.

It was good to reminisce about our time together in Hong Kong with the Wongs and also talk about what we’ve been doing since returning to Canada.

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