Meeting Hong Kong ICS Friends in Toronto- Part 1

Here’s Dave with Jon and Ivan, two of our former students from the international school we taught at in Hong Kong. We were at the Toronto Blue Jays game.  Toronto was playing The New York Yankees and the stands were nearly empty since the Blue Jays haven’t been playing well. The Jays won this game but I admit they didn’t get a great deal of cheering from us. We were busy catching up with Ivan and Jon.  

Last October when we got together with Jon he was starting his final year at the University of Toronto studying English and history. At the time he was working for a student magazine and had written some articles for the University of Toronto newspaper. He graduated from university in spring and is just finishing up a six-month internship with The Walrus a national Canadian magazine and is hoping to find a job in the journalism field. If nothing materializes soon he may go to Washington DC where his older sister lives and look for work there.  John gave us three issues of The Walrus which he has worked on as an intern. We are enjoying his excellent articles. One of them contained an editor’s note from John MacFarlane which is a tribute to their interns like Jon.

Eating with some of our former Hong Kong students in Toronto 2012

When we visited with Ivan last year he was a student at York University and is continuing in his program there this year hoping to become a physical education teacher. He is enjoying his school placement.  His parents came to Toronto this summer to visit him so he didn’t go back to Hong Kong. He is still dating a medical student from Washington DC. Ivan is back in the dorm this year after living off-campus last year because he is a residence assistant (RA) this year. 

It was great to catch up with a couple of our former students during our short stay in Toronto. Hopefully we can get together with a few more students on our next visit. 

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